5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

The wind is howling, lightning is flashing, and rain is pouring from the skies. Welcome to Florida’s hurricane season!  Some Florida residents love a good, old-fashioned Florida thunderstorm.  Your roof, however, may not feel the same – if it had feelings, that is. Bad weather can take a serious toll on roofs.  That’s why in today’s blog we are going to discuss 5 reasons to get your roof inspected.

A roof inspection is an important aspect of keeping your roof in excellent condition so it can do its job of protecting your home. 5 reasons to have your roof inspected are 1) we have had severe storms recently 2) it has been a while since your last roof inspection 3) you see colored grit (looks like small pebbles) in the gutters or on the ground 4) you see water stains on your ceiling 5) you notice missing shingles. 

The old saying about “having a roof over your head” isn’t as meaningful if that roof is leaking, collapsing, or falling apart.  You want a solid roof over your head that protects your home and the people inside it!  A roof inspection is a vital part of keeping your roof in excellent working condition to do the job it was designed to do.  This blog is going to discuss 5 reasons to get your roof inspected.

#1 We Have Had Severe Storms Lately

Anytime we have had severe storms, particularly of hurricane strength, it is an excellent idea to have your roof inspected.  Newer roofs often have wind mitigation certificates stating that they should be able to withstand hurricane-force winds. It’s a good idea to make sure they actually did.  Also, if your roof is older and has not received a wind mitigation certificate, you should definitely have it inspected after any severe storms.  Strong winds and flying debris are not the friends of roofs.

#2 It Has Been a While Since Your Last Roof Inspection

We recommend having your roof inspected annually, especially because of the severe weather we experience here in Florida.  If it has been longer than a year since your last roof inspection, then now is the time to get one.  We are a little over one month into hurricane season with a few months yet to go.  Think of the peace of mind you will have knowing that your roof is in tip-top shape before that first big storm.  It is much more likely to withstand the storm if you have any necessary repairs already done.

#3 You See Colored Grit in the Gutters or on the Ground

If you have shingles (as opposed to tile or metal roofing), then you have grit on your shingles.  If you have never seen your shingles up close, the grit is like large grains of sand or very small pebbles.  The grit shields your shingles from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.  This is particularly important in Florida as we have a very high UV index.  In other words, the intensity of the UV rays here is higher than in most places.  You know how your family members from up north look like lobsters when they return home from a Florida visit?  Your roof endures those UV rays day in and day out, and they take their toll, especially if they are missing a significant amount of grit.

#4 You See Water Stains on Your Ceiling

Water stains on the ceiling of your home are a sure sign of a roof issue.  Water should not get past the roof into your home. If you see water stains anywhere in your home, you should have a roof inspection.  Water doesn’t always collect at the point of entry.  It flows to a lower point.  Any water stains in your home are a sign of an issue that needs to be immediately addressed.  If not, your drywall can rot, and dangerous mold and mildew can grow.  What was initially an easily repaired roof leak can become a major project.  At the first sign of water, call for a roof inspection.

#5 You Notice Missing Shingles

You may notice missing shingles when you look up at your roof, or you may have even found a couple on the ground.  However, it is possible to be missing shingles without knowing it.  If they were lost during a storm, they may have blown away.  They may be missing from a part of the roof that you can’t see without climbing up there.  If you notice missing shingles, immediately call for a roof inspection.  By having a yearly inspection, the inspector will know if any shingles are missing from areas you can’t see.


We have discussed 5 reasons to have your roof inspected: 1) we have had severe storms lately, 2) it has been a while since your last roof inspection, 3) you see colored grit in the gutters or on the ground 4) you see water stains on your ceiling, and 5) you notice missing shingles.  We also recommended annual inspections for early detection and possible avoidance of any of these issues.

Seal Tight Roofing Experts, located in Merritt Island, FL, can conduct your roof inspection, provide any necessary repairs, and even re-roof your home, if necessary.  We take pride in our commitment to honesty, quality, and respect.  We believe you will see the difference when you hire us whether it’s for a simple inspection or a re-roof.  Seal Tight Roofing Experts is your local expert roofing company!

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