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Storm Damage Repairs & Preparedness

Protect your home from storm damage and ensure your family's safety with a stronger roof.

The most common damage from a storm is to roofing, which often results in water leakage that leads to interior water damage and possible mold. The good news is that there are products and techniques that can withstand high winds and save you the ordeal and expense of roofing damage after the next big storm and Seal Tight Roofing Experts is here to guide you through with certified experience!

After a storm, have your roofing inspected for loose shingle tabs, cracks, broken or missing tabs, buckling or curling shingles, blistering and areas that have lost most of their granules. Examine ridge vents, flashings of vents, chimneys and other penetrations to make sure they are well attached and flat. In addition, attics should be examined for signs of roof leaks such as discolored roof decking, especially around vents.

Minor problems may be repairable, however, if you need to replace your roofing, this is a golden opportunity to protect your home with a much more storm-hardy roof.

Hail damage

Five Steps to a Stronger Roof:

  • 1. Remove the existing roofing and underlayment down to the decking. This is necessary to provide a smooth foundation for your new wind resistant roof.
  • 2. Replace any damaged or soft roof decking or framing materials.
  • 3. Re-nail the roof decking to rafters. The ideal nail spacing depends on the roof design and wind risk as specified in the building code. Staples are not recommended since they are not very effective at holding down roof sheathing.
  • 4. Upgrade the roofing underlayment to seal the roof deck. Typical roofing felts don’t seal the decking nor provide good protection when shingles are lost or damaged. Instead, a sealed roof can be achieved by installing a “peel and stick” roof membrane.
  • 5. Have high wind, impact rated shingles installed. 

When storm proofing, it’s important to make sure that all manufacturer instructions are followed exactly for top rated performance and Seal Tight Roofing Experts are the certified roofing professionals to provide the expertise to protect you, your family and your home from storm damage. Contact us today for details and get a jump on next hurricane season!

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roofer inspecting shingle roof

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