chimney-restorationFlashing creates a water-resistant shell around the base of a brick chimney to stop water leaks, which seep down into walls and ceilings. Failure of the chimney flashing threatens the structural integrity of your roof, and exposes the interior of your home to water damage and potentially dangerous mold growth. Due to age, structural settling, and weather conditions, chimney flashing can crack, split, and pull away from the chimney base, necessitating an immediate repair.

Most chimneys are constructed with brick and lead flashing. Whenever a roof is replaced, the lead is disturbed and is often damaged. Any puncture, cut or tear in the lead flashing, no matter how minor, will allow water to leak in.

Seal Tight Roofing Experts will carefully inspect your roof and evaluate the condition of the flashing and the mortar in your chimney joints. Should our inspection reveal the flashing will no longer do its job, we will offer the expertise necessary to repair or replace it.