Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

You have probably driven past homes in your area with flat roofs. Maybe your home has a flat roof. Many condo complexes have them. So, what is the deal? Are there pros to having a flat roof,  and you just never knew?  Why were so many homes in the ‘60s built with flat roofs? Even if it’s out of simple curiosity,  maybe you have wondered if flat roofs offer something that traditional roofs don’t.  You have come to the right place to learn more about this unique roof style.

Flat roofs can be cost-saving, have architectural appeal, and provide useful space.  However, they may have a shorter lifespan, drainage issues, and lack temperature regulation.  Researching the pros and cons of a Flat Roof can help you make an educated decision when it comes time for your roof installation or replacement.

When you have questions about roof styles,  materials, repairs, etc., there’s no better place to look than a roofing website! And you have found a great one (in our humble opinion!). Seal Tight Roofing Experts is here to answer your roofing questions, no matter how simple or complex the questions.  Our professional roofing experts are highly trained and take pride in their work, so if you have questions, we have answers.  Today we are looking at the pros and cons of having a flat roof.

Pros of Having a Flat Roof

  • Cost-saving – Flat roofs generally cost less than pitched (traditional- style sloped roofs) because they require less materials. A flat roof has less surface space (square feet) than a traditional roof for the same size house; therefore, less materials are needed. They take less time to install which will likely save you on labor costs, as well! Different materials are used for a flat roof, not traditional shingles. The materials are often less expensive than shingles,  saving you money in yet another way! This also means that if your roof needs repairs,  they will likely cost less than repairs on a pitched roof.  And, if the time comes to re-roof, you know it will be money-saving compared to a pitched roof!
  • Architectural appeal – In the right neighborhood or setting, a home with a flat roof can really make a great architectural statement, like a work of art. These homes are often referred to as “mid- century modern.” They stand out as having a sleek,  clean design which is very appealing to many people,  particularly those who prefer a minimalist style of architecture and home decor. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the architects known for this type of architecture. While others copied the style, many consider it a big deal to own a home actually designed by him.
  • Useful space – Flat roofs are particularly useful in commercial buildings and condos. The space can be utilized to hold multiple air conditioning units, for example.  Condos usually have limited land space.  Where would they put multiple a/c units? And, even if they had the land space, looking at 20 a/c units isn’t exactly a good view for residents.  But, up on the rooftop, they are out of the way! Land space can be used for other more aesthetic purposes like a garden or functional purposes like a playground – both nicer to look at than big, noisy metal boxes!  Commercial buildings benefit from flat roofs for basically the same reasons that condos do – utilizing useful space for items that are otherwise an eye-sore.

Cons of Having a Flat Roof

  • Shorter lifespan – While less expensive, flat roofs usually do not last as long as pitched roofs. So, while they initially save you money to install, you will probably be replacing it again years sooner than your neighbor with a pitched roof. Over time, you may end up spending more. But if initial costs are a consideration, then a flat roof may be a good choice for you. For less cost over the long-term, you may want to go with a pitched roof.
  • Drainage issues – An experienced roofer like Seal Tight Roofing Experts knows that a flat roof still needs a slight pitch, possibly unnoticeable to the eye, to help with proper drainage. However, if your home already had a flat roof when you purchased it, you may not know who installed it or if it was done properly. If that’s the case, you can give us a call to perform a roof inspection. We recommend yearly roof inspections to make sure your roof is in good condition. With flat roofs, this is even more important to make sure puddling isn’t causing damage.
  • Lack of Temperature Regulation – You may notice your home feels hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than homes with pitched roofs. This is because as a flat surface, your entire roof is exposed to the sun and weather 24/7 decreasing temperature regulation for your home. In order to keep your home comfortable and maintain a more steady utility bill, make sure you have good insulation.


Flat roofs offer less cost upfront, a unique architectural appeal, and usable space, particularly for commercial buildings and condos.  They can also cost more in the long run with more frequent repairs or replacement.  They may have drainage issues and cause temperature regulation issues for your home.  With both pros and cons, you want to do your homework before having a flat roof installed.  Whether you choose a flat or a pitched roof, Seal Tight Roofing Experts in Merritt Island, FL, has a professional team of roofers ready to handle any roof installation or repair you need. We have been providing quality roofs to Central Florida for over 25 years! Need a roof? It’s time to call the experts at Seal Tight Roofing Experts!

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