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Is your commercial building in need of some TLC, or do you have a new commercial building being constructed?  Lining up all the contractors and subcontractors needed for a big job can be a daunting task, not to mention scheduling permits and all the other details that go into a renovation or building project.  When it comes time to choose a roofing company though, your choice is simple – Seal Tight Roofing Experts is the best commercial roofing company in Central Florida!  There is no need to look any further.

If you are within 50 miles of Kennedy Space Center, then chances are you are near a roof installed by Seal Tight Roofing Experts.  You are also within our service area!  With 25 years of experience and our ongoing commitment to honesty, quality, and respect, we truly believe we are the best commercial and residential roofing company in Central Florida!

You might be thinking that claiming to be the best roofing company in the area is a pretty bold statement, but we believe we can back it up with reviews, video, and a stellar reputation.  After looking all that over, we believe you will feel confident about giving us a call for your commercial roofing project.  Let’s take a look at what Seal Tight Roofing Experts have been up to lately.  We think you will be impressed, and we hope you will give us a call for your project!

What Commercial Roofing Project Has Seal Tight Done Lately?

Why, we are so glad you asked!  We are excited to share our recently completed commercial roofing project located at 8910 Astronaut Blvd. in Cape Canaveral.  Living on the Space Coast we know that Cape Canaveral is on the cutting edge of engineering and space science, truly a cut above the rest.  Just look at our area code – 321 (liftoff!).  We are a proud space community.  And Seal Tight was proud to be chosen to do the commercial roof on this high-tech office building.  Here is a link to the video of this exciting project!  As you can see, our roofers are not afraid of heights!  We also included the address in case you would like to drive by and have a look for yourself!

What Did This Project Include?

If you are interested in having a commercial roofing project completed, then some of the details of this amazing project will be of interest to you.  You may want to include some of them in your project!  It included new doors, new aluminum railings, and four walk-out balconies!  You have to have access to the great outdoors when you live and work in Florida!  In fact, according to healthline, “Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin.  Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.”  A little 15-minute break in the sun during the workday can give you and your employees the extra boost needed to get through the day.

To form this beautiful roof, we used arched mechanically-seamed .032 aluminum roof panels.  We used .032 aluminum custom soffits and fascia.  Why aluminum?  Aluminum is durable and rust-resistant.  That is very important here in Florida.  If you live here, you know EVERYTHING eventually rusts here if it is left outside.  Aluminum does not.  Fun fact – aluminum is even used in building aircraft!  To complete the project and give it that extra touch, we used 2-ply modified roof deck and custom pedestal pavers for durability and an exquisite look.

Reviews and Reputation

As mentioned, our reviews and reputation speak to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.  “The response and customer service was outstanding when we had our roof replaced. We like their work and attention to detail so much that we had them return to install the roofing on our new addition.”  (Bill)  Their work stands the test of time. I have recommended them to anyone who wants the job done well. They have delivered consistent, quality craftsmanship at a competitive price to many of my relatives and friends over the past few years and we all are definitely satisfied with the work. (“Florida”).  These are just two of many fantastic reviews from our customers.  The fact that our customers use us for additional roofing projects and recommend us to family and friends speaks volumes about us.  We truly aim to be a trusted company that provides quality roofing.


We know that planning any kind of major project can be an overwhelming task, but at Seal Tight Roofing Experts, we aim to make your choice of roofing contractor an easy one.  Providing both residential and commercial roofing, we proudly serve Central Florida communities, such as Melbourne, Merritt Island, and of course, Cape Canaveral!  If you have a commercial roofing project, we hope you will check out the above video or, even better, drive by the finished project to see our beautiful work!  Using high-quality materials combined with our knowledge and expertise, your roof is guaranteed to be beautiful and durable, just like it should be!  Our reviews and reputation speak for themselves.  We are a company you can trust to do the job you need!

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